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Fried Rice

by jensan

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Nice weather for a nice fried rice...

Kids Fried Rice

by FoodFoodFood

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Get your kids in the kitchen to help cook this great dinner. This recipe is from my Year 1 kids school homework - went well!...


by Rosita

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Another leftover recipe - left over fried rice made into another delicious recipe...

Vegetarian Fried Rice

by princess

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Using ersatz-meats, this great tasting Vegetarian dish will trick any meat eater, and still please the die-hard Vegetarians! Serve straight away, or keep in the fridge for healthy ...

Tom Yam Fried Rice

by jensan

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Easy & Tasty...

Lots of Vegetables Fried Rice

by Veggies

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This is fried rice loaded with vegetables to make a delicious and healthy full meal. The beauty is that you can use what ever vegetables you have on hand. ...

Egg fried rice

by Health101

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Curried rice. A taste of India...

Easy Fried Rice

by staceykym

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A brown rice dish using any veges you have on hand, quick, easy and yummy!...

Sprouts Fried Rice

by Cyima

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Sprouts Fried Rice is a prepared using sprouts,basmati rice and red chilli paste.Each grain of the cooked rice should be seperate and rice should be cold.Chinese wok-cooking is all...