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Diabetic Friendly Apple Crumble

by lickthebowl

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Packed full of healthy ingredients, this apple crumble is a treat that isn't so naughty, yet it tastes delicious!...

Lavender Oil

by KidsCook

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If cooking with it: use food oil. OR If you intend to massage or bath in it - use baby oil...

Chilli Oil

by TasteBuds

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It is one of the most versatile things in our kitchen. We use to it add chilli to the adults meals in our family....

Gourmet Lemon and Garlic infused Olive Oil

by Mishqa

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a self explanatory oil ;-)...

Parmesan Oil

by TasteBuds

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Simply oil, infused with parmesan. Use it to drizzle over quality bread...

Apple Cinnamon Pastry

by jensan

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Just an afternoon snack...

Home Made Chocolate (No sugar)

by FoodFoodFood

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If you want healthy chocolate, you really have to make your own. You can buy the cocoa powder and butter from health shops. Even a chocolate mould if you want to be fancy! ...

Classic French Salad Dressing

by mumsy

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Classic dressing for green salads; lettuce, lightly cooked green beans, etc. Can also be used as a marinade for meat....

Pumpkin, Macadamia Risotto

by josephinebat10

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As a creamy One-Pot mains or a side to any meat, chicken or fish meal. ...