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Moist Chocolate cake

by share

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This choc cake recipe is a fav in our family, soooo easy to prepare, its moist and absolutely divine... slice off a wedge with a cuppa or dress up for dessert. This recipe has bee...

Boiled Chocolate Cake

by 39forever

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This is a very yummy, moist, chocolately cake and very easy to make!...

Mediterranean Muffins

by Steph

(1 Review)
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These yummy savory muffins are great finger food or even a quick lunch if you make big muffins....

Choc-chip Banana Muffins

by josephinebat10

(1 Review)

Scrumptious treats which combine the goodness of banana and the joy of chocolate. Afternoon tea time treat or after school treat....

Apple, Macadamia and White Chocolate Muffins

by josephinebat10

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These muffins are delicious warm or cold, and ideal for popping into lunch boxes....

Strawberry Chocolate Muffins

by Cyima

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Whole family loves them, especially the strawberry flavor in both the batter and the strawberries. ...

Mini Muffin Chocolate Cakes

by lickthebowl

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Make these in a mini muffin pan (24) for high tea and you'll be allowed to have two!...

Bananna, coconut & chocolate muffins

by Veggies

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tasty and easy to make muffins. perfect for entertaining or kids snacks...

Mini Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip Muffins Recipe

by John R

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A Great Recipe to make with the Kids OR Grandkids...

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