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Creamy Pumkin Soup

by AussieMarie

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A really delicious Pumpkin Soup ideal for these cold winter days....

Pumpkin & Ginger Soup

by livineasy

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The best soup to have on a cold winter's day. My all time favorite!!...

Fish Chowder (Soup) : by Margaret Fulton

by TasteBuds

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This Margaret Fulton recipe is a classic dish that invokes memory of being by the sea. I LOVE to eat this served in a hollowed bread roll....

Zuchini soup

by whitefire

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This soup is a meal in itself. Can be frozen without cream Great for a cosy winter soup with fresh crusty bread....

Bean Soup

by Jo C

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sounds weird but very nice ...


by sweetaussie

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My Mum's best ever Chicken Casserole - quick, easy and oh so delicious...

Healthy Lentil Soup

by MrsFong

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A hearty and healthy soup that will give you hug from the inside...

Kangaroo Tail Soup

by John R

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For the Hunter...


by John R

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This is the tastiest veggie soup i have ever had...

French Onion Soup

by Veggies

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A slow cooked soup, that has been popular for many years for a good reason - it is yummy. It is an attractive soup too, as it is served with the cheesy bread on top....