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Potato & Zucchini Bites

by Veggies

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Twice baked potato patties, with mashed up zucchini. Great as a side dish, or as kids food on its own. Use leftover mash!...

Shepherds Pie

by OnePotChef

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Shepherds Pie is an all-time classic family favourite! Quick to make, easy to put together and cheap! Perfect for feeding the family on a budget during these tough economic times :...

Perfect Mashed Potatoes (Smooth or Firm)

by OnePotChef

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Mashed Potato is one of those classic recipes that never gets published in cook books, as it's assumed everyone knows how to make it. So I have made this video to show all of you o...

Crispy Potato Chips or Fries

by livineasy

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Fabulous all-time snack after swimming at the beach. These chips can be prepared beforehand!!!! ...

Easy Roast Potatoes

by OnePotChef

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Roast Potatoes are a delicious side dish that is the perfect accompaniment to any main meal. The potatoes are lovingly prepared, coated in olive oil and lightly seasoned to ensure ...

Twice Baked Stuffed Potatoes

by KidsCook

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A classic dish - you can fill them with anything! I have put my favourite 2 fillings (choose 1 at a time :)...

Double Baked Stuffed Potatoes (Hawaiian)

by OnePotChef

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Double Baked Stuffed Potatoes are a delicious side dish or party snack. Easy to prepare and simple to adapt to individual taste, these will be a big hit with your family. The follo...


by Rosita

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Its absolutely delicious. A soft and mushy muffin just melts in your mouth. Great with a cup of tea, parties, with wine or beer, warm or cold :) Great way to use left over mash...

Potato and Eggplant Curry

by Veggies

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An easy, quick and delicious vegetable curry dish....

Spinach & Potato Quiche

by Yummy

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The nicest quiche recipe I have ever tasted. So fresh....